The Pros And Cons Of Hanging A TV Above Your Fireplace

The Pros And Cons Of Hanging A TV Above Your Fireplace

14 January, 2021

I nterior designers often talk about having one focal point in a room and having your sofa and chairs around that point. 

When you have both a fire and TV it is often hard to choose which of them is going to be your focal point.  You want to be in front of the fire to feel it's warmth on cold winter nights, but equally you want to be in the best position to view and get the full advantage of your surround sound TV.

As TV's have become flatter, many people have come up with a solution and placed them above their fireplaces.  But is this the right thing to do? Here we will list the pros and cons and give you a few ideas on alternative layouts that you may not have considered.

Pros of hanging your TV over a fireplace

Optimal visibility
Placing a TV above the fireplace makes it visible from anywhere in the room.  If you have a TV that can clearly be seen no matter what angle you sit at, it won't matter that you are looking up towards it or from the side.

Having the TV above the fire also means you are not having to consider two focal points, making it easier to place your furniture.

Extra space
Not having to have a large TV cabinet in the corner of your room will save space, which is especially important if you have a small room.

Out of the way
Sometimes the best option is to have an expensive TV up and out of the way of children, teenagers and pets.  They can't always help themselves and from time to time they knock into furniture and the last thing anyone wants is for their TV to get damaged.

Aesthetically pleasing
Lot's of new homes now have electrical points behind fireplaces, and may have already built in space above a fire for a TV.  Plus your TV can be used as a bit of art and display images when you have visitors.

Cons of hanging your TV over a fireplace

SLE 150 Front Fire
Photo: SLE 150 Front

Heat damage
Fires create heat, that heat could cause damage to your TV.  Over time temperature-sensitive components can degrade and not work as well, as well as voiding your warranty.  It's always best to check with the TV manufacturer and find out if your TV can be placed above a fire.

Fireplaces also create soot particles and some could get onto the screen of the TV, or drawn into the back, which in turn will lead to over heating.

Neck pain
It's not just computer screens that need to be viewed straight on and at eye level.  TV's should also be viewed at eye level to avoid neck pain.  TV's above fireplaces are set quite high and spending a couple of hours looking upwards is going to cause pain in your neck which could also spread into the muscles at the back of your head leading to headaches.

It distracts from the rest of the room
This is possibly one for people who are picky about the aesthetic appeal of their living room, and feel the TV mounted above the fireplace distracts too much from the fire or the rest of the room.

Other options
Your TV and fire can go side by side and make a space look more designer then when placed one above the other.

Here are a few examples of the fireplaces and shelves we fit to make your entire entertainment area work for you.

Dru Metro 150xt Gas Fire
Photo: Dru Metro 150xt

The Choice is Yours
Your own personal preference will always win out.  If you need help choosing what fire would be right for the space you have then please do not hesitate contacting us for a free no obligation quote.

If you need more inspiration then check out the following fireplaces:

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