How to Cook With a Chilli Penguin Stove

How to Cook With a Chilli Penguin Stove

11 October, 2017

T he Hungry Penguin, Fat Penguin, and The High & Mighty Penguin stoves have small oven boxes at the top of the stove.

The oven temperature is affected by the type and amount of fuel you burn.  It can take up to two hours for the stove to reach the temperature you require. 

Always use an oven thermometer if you are unsure of the temperature of your oven.

The top surface of all the Penguin stoves can be used to cook with a pan, or used to boil a kettle.

Cooking with a Penguin stove is not the same as cooking with a conventional oven. 

You will have less control with a Penguin stove then a conventional oven.  Even boiling a kettle on the Penguin stove will take longer.

It can take two hours for the oven in your stove to reach its required temperature.

Oven Temperature and Internal Oven Dimensions

Temp 140 degrees C - 250 degrees C
Height 100mm
Width 250mm
Depth 220mm

How to Maintain Your Stove
Clean the soot from the top of the stove on a regular basis.


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