7 Benefits To Having An Electric Fireplace

7 Benefits To Having An Electric Fireplace

23 February, 2023

M ost people in the UK should know by now that air polluting heating is likely to be fazed out by 2050.  It seems a long way off, but time flies when you have a busy life.  If you are in a position where you need to change your energy system, then it could be a great time to also consider an electric fireplace instead of gas or a wood-burner.

7 Benefits to having an electric fireplace are:

  1. Low cost
  2. Easy installation
  3. Safe
  4. No cleaning required
  5. No additional air pollution produced in or around your home
  6. Targeted additional heating
  7. Does not need ventilation

Buying Guide For Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is an excellent alternative to a regular wood stove or other types of fireplaces, especially now we are all being encouraged to use greener energy.  With an electric fireplace, you receive minimal maintenance and avoid cutting wood, cleaning the fireplace, and paying for installation costs when you do it yourself.

What is an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a heater, inspired by an ordinary fireplace.  An electric fireplace is simply connected to an electrical outlet in the wall, and can then form a realistic looking flame with or without heat.

Can an electric fireplace be used as a primary heating source?

An electric fireplace should not be used as a primary heating source, but instead as a supplementary and secondary heating source.  The electric fire only increases the temperature in the room it is located in.  Whereas a wood-burning stove can spread the heat throughout the house. 

In terms of heat, an electric fireplace can be compared to a traditional electric radiator, as it also emits radiant heat that only heats the room it is within.

How real is the flame?

The flame in an electric fireplace is not real but with the latest technology, the flames have become more realistic looking.  Furthermore, the flame in an electric fireplace is created by LED lights and a mirror element which reflects the light in the fireplace.  This technology makes the flames look incredibly real, but has no heat to it.

Most people enjoy just having the flame effect on while the fire is not heating a room.  The flame can come with different effects so you can pick your favourite.

Does an electric fireplace require ventilation?

An electric fireplace does not require ventilation as it does not emit any toxic substances/gases.  It also doesn't need a chimney.

Electric fires don't create a real fire, so have no smoke, soot or ash.  Because of this it makes the air quality in your home better than other forms of heating.

Benefits of an electric fireplace

Low cost: A big advantage is clearly that neither the price of the fireplace nor the installation exceeds any of the industry alternatives.  Both the electric fireplace and the installation costs are relatively low.

Easy installation: The installation of an LED fireplace is very simple and can, in most cases, be installed by the buyer themselves.

Safe for families with children and pets: Although electric fireplaces produce enough heat to warm a room, they remain cool to the touch.  Without the issue of hot metal casings, electric fireplaces are a safe alternative to a traditional fireplace for kids and pets.

No Cleaning: The LED fireplace does not create dirt.  There will also be no traces of smoke, soot, and in general, this fireplace can be categorised as being the cleanest fireplace in the industry.

No air pollution: The electric fireplace does not have any environmentally harmful emissions and, therefore, the air in the room remains completely clean and you can sleep safely at night.  Consequently, an electric fireplace is extremely attractive to people with asthma, or other breathing problems. 

The UK is moving towards cleaner energy to create electric, such as wind, solar and water.  But coal can still be burned when demand is high, which pollutes the air and destroys the habitats it is being removed from.  Nuclear is also used which is clean, but the waste product is highly dangerous to us and the environment, and that waste is currently being buried under ground for future generations to deal with, in the hope they will find a way to utilise the waste in a safe manner.

Zone heating: Electric fireplaces are great as a supplemental heat source.  If you have a room that requires a bit more heating, then the electric fireplace is a great addition and will only heat the room it is within.

What can an electric fireplace do?

Electric fireplaces are still relatively new to the market.  Therefore, there are a lot of questions concerning their features.

Remote control: Electric fireplaces are equipped with a remote control so that the flame effect and heat can be adjusted while you remain within the comfort of your sofa.

Display panel: On the fireplace itself there is a display where all the functions of the fireplace can be operated.  If the remote control runs out of batteries, you can still use the fireplace over the display.

Sleep timer: Many electric fireplaces are equipped with a sleep timer function, so you can time the flames to automatically go out at a given time.  This is especially smart if you want to make it appear someone is in an empty house.  Alternatively, the sleep-timer function is ingenious if you tend to fall to sleep in front of your fire.

Multi coloured flame effect: Many of our electric fireplaces are equipped with the so-called multi-colour effect, where it is possibly to switch between different flame types and colours.

Sound module: Some fireplaces have a built-in sound module where authentic crackling sounds are created which adds authenticity to the fireplace.

Flexible: Electric fireplaces can often be moved around the home, as they only require a very minimal installation - except for the built-in models.  Other models are easy to move around, as needed.

Electrical requirements for an electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces can be connected to a fairly ordinary socket.  There is no requirement to have an electric central heating system.

Can you install an electric fireplace under a TV?

Many people enjoy having a fireplace under the television, usually because of a lack of space to create two zones one for TV watching, and one for relaxing in front of the fire.

In general, electric fireplaces can be installed under a television.  However, it is recommended that there is a minimum distance of 30 cm between the top of the fireplace and the bottom of the TV.  It is best to have an electric fire that produces heat from the bottom or front to protect the TV, it is important to make sure any heat generated is pushed away from the TV.  Always read the manufacturers recommendations for your TV, they may advise against it.

If you need to know more than gives us a call or pop into our showroom in Battlesbridge Essex.  We also have lots of electric fires for you to view on our website:

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