Yeoman CL Milner Multi Fuel Inset Fire

Yeoman Stoves - CL Milner

Quick and hassle-free installation

The CL Milner has been designed with high performance and ease of installation in mind. 

The CL Milner has the ability to be installed into a 16" - 18" wide and 20" - 22" high fireplace without the need to remove the Milner Brick.  This means that it can be easily secured and sealed into an existing chimney without the requirement for any building work making it cheaper to install. 

There is also no need for a flue liner, therefore if your chimney is in good condition and has been swept it can generally be fitted in under an hour!

The CL Milner is available for use in Smoke Control Areas, when fitted with a Smoke Control Kit.

Yeoman CL Milner Multi Fuel Inset Fire

This product is also available with our professional fitting service.

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