Dik Geurts Folke EA

Dik Geurts Folke EA

Dik Geurts - Folke EA

Freestanding modern wood stove

The freestanding modern wood stove is fitted with side panes of heat reflecting glass (infrared) which stay cleaner during operation.  The fire can be optimally controlled by a convenient air slide.

Dik Geurts - Folke EA Specifications

Brand Dik Geurts
Series Folke
Category Wood stoves
Fire view 3-sided
Energy efficiency class A
Model Freestanding
Shape Vertical
Fuel Wood
Combustion system Open combustion
Glass window Infrared glass
Door type Hinged door
Control Manual control
Colours Dark anthracite
Material Steel
Interior Vermiculite natural
Output net min.  (kW) 4.0
Output net max.  (kW) 8.0
Max.  log length (cm) 33
Efficiency (%) 77.3
CO emission (%-13% O2) 0.06
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 135
Built-in depth (mm) 410
Fire view width (mm) 320
Fire view height (mm) 396
Weight (kg) 120
Flue top (mm) 150
Flue rear (mm) 150
External air connection Optional

Dik Geurts Folke EA

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