The Little Thurlow

The Little Thurlow

Town & Country - The Little Thurlow Gas Stove

The Little Thurlow is available in Standard or Smoke Control Models.  This stove is designed specially for the lower fire opening, being only 520mm high but with a good sized glass giving a wonderful view of the fire.  The turbo burner (tertiary air) brings air into the stove towards the back of the fire, allowing plenty of oxygen into the rear and top of the stove, thus burning off gases which normally do not ignite.  This give the Little Thurlow more efficiency, better combustion and less pollution.

Note: There is a heat shield supplied with this free standing stove which fits on the back panel.  If this is fitted, allow an additional 30mm to the depth shown on the diagram.

Town & Country - The Little Thurlow Gas Stove Features

  • 5kW output
  • 78.9% Efficient on Wood
  • 79.6% Efficient on Solid Fuel
  • British Made
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A
  • Energy Efficiency Index: 104%
  • Brilliant airwash system
  • 6" Diameter Flue
  • Suitable for 12mm hearth
  • Multifuel
  • Tertiary Air
  • Riddling Grate
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Max.  Log Length 350mm
  • Viewing area - 317mm wide x 245mm high approx.
  • Viewing area CURVED DOOR - 297mm wide x 227mm high approx.
  • Weight 61kg

Smoke Control
A version of our popular Little Thurlow has been independently approved for burning wood in a smoke control area.  The outer appearance and dimensions are the same as the Standard Little Thurlow.

Little Thurlow with Log Store
The Little Thurlow is also available with a built in log store, and this is very useful when a small stove is required but the opening is large.

Colour Options
Like all of our stoves, the Little Thurlow is available in black as standard, with a large selection of colours available at a small extra charge.  The special paint we use is extremely resistant to high temperatures.

The Little Thurlow

This product is also available with our professional fitting service.

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