What are Fire Baskets

What are Fire Baskets

27 March, 2014

W hen looking for the perfect fire for you home you have probably come across the term fire basket.  To clarify, a fire basket is a rectangular structure which is simply a metal basket with no facility to control airflow to your fire.  In some cases an ash pan isn't needed with modern fire baskets.

Fire baskets usually look good in a rectangular rough opening fire place without a fireback where they often do not occupy the complete area of the hearth.

Baskets are able to hold a lot of fuel and can produce a tremendous amount of heat when fully loaded especially when they contain coal.  The disadvantage is that the only means of controlling the burn rate is by controlling the rate at which you add fuel.  Fire baskets are usually used with wood but to keep a reasonable fire burning, logs have to be added every 10 to 20 minutes.

Fire baskets are among the most attractive appliances often displaying considerable artistry which can make them expensive.

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